Amazon, Retail and embracing #Antifragility

Taxi drivers hate UBER

but in many ways IF the taxi had concerned itself more with the riders experience and evolving Uber and now Lyft would not be enjoying such success

maybe the Taxi industry should try to be #Antifragile instead of resistant to conditions of change?

Now, even more intriguing is Amazon

Retail Store owner, buyers , representatives and brands hate Amazon

they hated .coms first

they hated Chains too

I have personally been misinterpreted by the angered, suffering  and fed up as I seemingly embrace the #AmazonEffect

I do not love Amazon

I DO love Change that is wanted and needed

I DO love the concept of #Antifragility

its worth all of us embracing Change

but maybe this is about more

In the Chaos lies immense opportunity

Yes, in retail space


where it always has been- In delivering a amazing User Experience

In seeking to get really specific about “WHO IT IS FOR” , this thing you do

I believe once the dust settles the cream will rise,

In this those who see everything as a opportunity to be MORE will excel, rise and enjoy truthful, honest connection.

Brands have let down independent retail for decades

Retail have let down consumers by making it come down to price

psst, Its ONLY about price when everything is equal- Don’t be Equal- be more

be more to less

Brands – start being of value

Brands – Start being patient

Brands – it starts with you


The heart is still beating in the key Independent Natural Products retailer

The heart there is still beating but it needs our help

Partnerships over POs


People DO Mattershake


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