How to get a Mentor

If you could select three people from anytime, any place in history to sit with you in a War room, who would they be?

Yes, anyone…

This is more difficult than it appears I am aware

Lets start over here.

Lets step back and gain a deeper perspective on ourself, where we are going and where we are stuck.

I suggest journaling to begin this journey, Simple reflections to start and to end each day.

However to begin this endeavor lets use Zig Ziglar’s wheel of life to rate each spoke on a scale from 1-10 (10 being A-Awesome)…

So each of us have 7 areas to rate, being honest is key to improvement and also to selecting the right Mentors.

Lets pick (3) and develop short term goals around them along with acquiring mentors

Career– To define my area of being Leader and secure opportunities that align with my purpose.

Financial– To achieve financial freedom that is achieved through the diversification of income through a select portfolio of clients.

Spiritual– To deepen continually my relationship with Jesus

These are my (3) for increased focus for May, June and July

Now select the (3) Mentors taking into consideration our deep focus areas

For me these three will be


Zig Ziglar

Saint Peter the Apostle

For these three months , I will start each day with a strategy session over a cup of coffee with these three and my day ahead. I will meditate on each day envisioning a table we all sit at and explore the challenges, opportunities before me.

I will also limit my readings to their works. A sort of mentor bootcamp.

To close each day I will settle the days ledger as Seneca commits to in his letters to Lucilius

Until we can “make” more time

Lately I have intrigued by Complexity and how it relates to us as individuals

The timeless quest for more or to add more into the same space

Lets look at this a bit deeper though to try to understand it better.

Seeking “balance”, “order” and “thoroughness” are the themes that fill many a bookstore shelf.

Discipline as a antidote is proposed

The promise of “multi taking” as a solution, a Oasis is embraced- Foolishly

What does complexity mean?

the state of having many parts and being difficult to understand or find an answer to: a problem of great complexity. complexities [ plural ] the features of something that make it difficult to understand or find an answer to: There are a lot of complexities surrounding this issue.

Maybe adding or to phrase it better, accepting Complexities is just a manner to accept procrastination which leads to indecision and excuses?

As a Professional and moreover as a Leader, the number one sign of concern is being scattered, un focused and too busy.

To me there is greatness in poise, focus and attention

Detachment is a amazing skill to practice

But once we STOP (Detach), once we take in a situation(Look Around), the last component and the most vital to growth, and learning is to be decisive (MAKE A CALL)

where it starts

We have each heard the phrase “silence is golden” at one point in our lives. The silence or stillness of sitting with ones self. What in todays ever busier lives can we learn from this phase and what power can be gained?

For me I start with the calmness of body and mind to truly get to the core of my self. To determine where it is that I am, where I have been and where I want to go. This is not exclusive to any area of my life, each part needs to factor in.

From a spiritual life, where am I in my relationship with Jesus, Where have I been in my fifty years which requires reflection on our closest days and also our most distant days. Asking how we get to a special closeness puts the responsibility right back where it needs to be, on me. On me to do the work where it matters.

So much in each of our lives will become better, more fulfilling and meaningful if we take the time to reconnect ourselves to Christ.

I do not have the time is not a excuse that carries any weight if we wish to be truly be honest with our self and be the person we are capable of becoming.

Like a loved one we have lost contact with or taken for granted, the time to reconnect is now and the how can be as simple as turning everything of and saying hello.

maybe everything in life is as simple as this at its core

What is enough?

There are those seeking comfort

There are those seeking power

There are those seeking immortality

What drives you?

Who are your “3” people by whom you would build your life around?

What are your non negotiable things?

Do your inventory, are they words or do these things actually hold value you are willing to stand by – even if it costs you something?

In a world with limitlessness all around us it is easy to get distracted and with a world that rewards weakness and excuses it is easy to make excuses too.

No one will know


Part of where we develop depression, self esteem issues and shame come from knowing deep within we could do better. We could be more.

Always realize life is much greater than we are.

Always try to remember perspectives matter.

How we go into situations matter.

So todays rant is to myself and anyone who reads this, lets this week try to pick our 3 that will become our standards

Knowing that the only perfect standard is Jesus the Christ himself, and even he was tested. Why should we ever think we would not be?

Start with this week

Pick our 3,

What about these three do we seek to embody in our lives?

What about them would provide us a sort of superpower?

Then let’s look ahead at the week

What great opportunities are ahead?

What challenges? And how can we prepare to not complain, stress and ensure these but to instead find opportunities in them?

One more thing- not ONE COMPLAINT this week. If we (I) catch ourselves – STOP and thank god we are blessed with a great opportunity to learn.

Lets also stop wasting time

Lift our heads from the addictive social feeds and actually live.

Let’s go. I love you


Organizing the chaos is a fools errand.

Believing that we can somehow create order in a overloaded life is the big scam we have somehow bought into..

Connection that sabotages us, fools us into believing we can somehow do everything, that is a fools errand.

I have been on this quest for years. Truly the aspiration of focus is achieved through deliberate discipline.

Discipline is not achieved through chance. Discipline is willed and that puts me where I am today.

Discipline + Ambition

The hardest part must come first, the deliberate subtraction through personal discipline.

For my journey that takes form in the subtraction of the areas below,

  1. Deletion of social media. providing a 2022 average 147 minutes back to me for purposeful use, aka found time!
2. No TV rule. I admittedly already adhere to this one however making it concrete magnifies what I am gaining. Three hours!

Other areas where we all are losing the battle to be our best are meetings, unproductive meetings..

Obviously these are averages however provide a solid initial guide to where the leaks are that cost us all focus and productivity.

This weeks challenge to myself and any of you whom would like to join me is to start the work towards Simplicity and disciplined focus

For me this will take shape in a simple structure

Wake up Early– 5am Everyday

Cold Shower Immediately! Huberman Lab breaks it down , while I plan to eventually make my own Ice plunge this shower will be a great way to start immediately!

Practice Intermittent Fasting– Evidence supports cognition boost from adopting a fasted early state followed by a glucose driven window daily.

Train!– Mind and Body, daily, the exact workout will gain be simple. Each day followed by 10+ minutes breathing/ meditation work.

Read– This is another area I have fallen off. 30 minutes a day reading something that will provide towards my craft.

What else will I be focusing on this week?


Unnecessary meetings, calls, scrolling, worrying- all time vampires- I will keep a list of every one and then review where I am losing the most time

Unnecessary spending, I am going to track every spend dollar, and determine where I am missing.

Deletion of subscriptions, closing of accounts all will come this week also.

So lets go!

Brilliance I see

I don’t do social media much anymore,

But this post is not about me. This post is about Suz. My Suz. The person who came into my life five years ago and whom I absolutely admire, adore and believe in with every ounce of my soul. The one that has broken down my defensiveness and made me a better man. A man who in any room or setting no longer cares about anyones opinion. A man who realizes that the right thing is always the right thing.

A woman who’s moral compass is unwavering.

A woman who’s love is truer and more complete than anyone I’ve ever met.

I fell for this goddess the moment my eyes met her eyes way back in 2017. We became friends. Explored common interests. Talked, dreamed and she became my best friend. She has been my rock though some challenging times and for this I’m very aware and committed to building together a life filled with experiences, and love.

She makes me laugh

She makes me think

She calls me out when I’m a bitch.

She makes me strive to be a better man. Everyday.

Life happens. Good times and bad times.

I am just taking a moment this January evening to type of a short post to my best friend whom I love more everyday. The most beautiful soul I have ever met. I love you and I’ll always do whatever it takes for us.


Master ones self

If emotions affect our actions they must be explored,

If fears affect our actions they must be explored,

If we make quick or rash decisions based on fears,

they must be explored.

Stillness is the key to Power

Speak the Truth or at the least don’t lie

No words truer spoken

focus on the things that matter

Turn yourself into a savage towards commitments

ride the anxious moments , they always pass

Stop being a victim

Be a Hero of the novel that is your life

If you were writing today, how would your protagonist, you Hero deal with obstacles and with impediments?

Would you write a bitch Hero? Would you write a loser Hero

or would you write the Hero we all can be in our own lives and within our own novels?

Name the Hero, and become that when tested. Become a savage Become Focused,

Why I am truly deleting my social accounts for good

Because as I enter 2022 I know.

We each only get one life. How long we do not know. If we want the chance, Simplify. Do it willingly. Lets do it by surrender, Do it then. Do it. Make the time count. Make the memories vivid. Do not surrender. Do not relinquish the one priceless possession we each own. Stop planning. Stop waiting. Do it. Action is the only way. Your Truth is the only Truth in the end and the end is at our backs. Run. Act. Do not look back. Live more. Dwell less. Stop waiting. Stop lying. Stand straight. Own it. Act. Do it. What? Only you know that. Stop. Dust off. Go forth.

Speaking my TRUTH

over the past several years

But actually much longer . I have stressed, I have made excuses and have accepted guilt in my life.

Speak your truth has been a phrase it has taken me so long to grasp the meaning of.

So I stand here at 50, just as I stood at 49 or 32

Speak my Truth. Well I think I finally understand.

It starts with disconnecting from opinion.

Disregarding gossip and attacks of fools whom should seriously reflect upon their own lives.

Glass houses. Cities of glass.

My Truth, I am a man and most importantly a Dad. I place my daughter and my role at the pinnacle of my life’s journey.

I am imperfect but i am grateful. I do not compare myself to others Only to myself yesterday and being a better person today.

I carry no hate because that’s a weight I need not burden myself with.

I do my best. Everyday. I smile often because life is beautiful

I strive to require little and experience much

In the end I seek only a volume of memories and goodness to have impacted others with